We are revamping the SingPass site to better serve your needs, but this would mean some system downtime. Do take note of these important dates:

• From 2 July 23:59 hrs to 4 July 22:00 hrs: Users can access all government e-services but no changes can be made to account information (e.g. password, profile changes).
• From 4 July 22:00 hrs to 5 July 10:00 hrs: SingPass will be down for maintenance. All government e-services will be unavailable.

So kindly plan in advance if you need to transact with the Government during the above-mentioned periods.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


We have introduced an online enquiry service to allow you to view your child's cash gift disbursement and CDA details.

Please log in using your SingPass to access the following:
bullet icon your child's cash gift payment schedule;
bullet icon the amount you can save in your child's Child Development Account (CDA) to benefit from the maximum matching contribution from the Government; and
bullet icon the dates of the cash gift disbursement and the Government's matching contribution (if applicable).

Please note that ONLY the child's trustee will have access to this service.

For more information on SingPass, please click here.